Reputation Management simply mean managing reputation in the public eye.  The managed reputation can either belong to an individual or a company of any size or even government.  It is a practice that tries to remold the public perception about a figure, a person, a company or a government by influencing information available to the public about the entity. Reputation management can either be of reputation building, maintenance or reputation recovery.

  1. Reputation building: Just as the name implies, this simply affects new public figures (a fresh politician for instance), new company or new organization without any serious public perception prior to its public appearance. Management this kind of reputation is easy as it involves building one of trust and good perception for the public to see.
  2. Reputation maintenance: For public individuals and companies that are doing great in the eyes of the public, they only need to maintain the current wind of reputation blowing their way. This is perhaps easy also as the only thing needed is to keep doing the good work that everyone knows you have been doing (as an individual or as a company). Let the public see more good works, happy lifestyle, sociable human being and the other bad sides stay hidden forever.
  3. Reputation recovery: This is a big work as this involves recreating a new face for a public figure or an existing company with a bad public reputation. It takes a whole lot to get people to like and trust the name they so much disgust and hate before. Recovering a bad reputation takes time and a lot of work, but who says it is not possible? Everything and anything is possible.

To successfully carryout any of these reputation managements named above, these few steps must be followed (and others apart from these can work miracles too)

  1. Know thyself: I take this Socrates quote, “Man know thyself”. As an entity, you need to know what kind of information people are searching for online about you, what they have available and what they have been able to get to know about you. Google it all. Everything to your name, reverse name search, address, phone number, first name, school mates, and classmates and so on. Search like you are searching to know about yourself. This applies to companies as well. When you do searches like this, you will know what you are to people.
  2. Take time to relax: Don’t misunderstand, this step doesn’t mean to lay back completely , but on occasion to take a break to regain your energy and composure. This can range fro many different things such as: going to a spa, watching a movie, or spending time with an DC escort from LA GFEDC Escorts, and/or Free Escort Ads, whatever works for you.
  3. Make yourself a ghost: As far as the internet is concerned, the best way to manage your reputation is to first be a ghost online. Let no one know anything about you, then you can dish out whatever you want people to see and know about you. Internet is the widest resources center around the globe nowadays, so if you’re a ghost online, you will probably be a ghost everywhere else (except with the CIA and FBI I guess)
  4. Beef up your reputation: After making yourself a ghost online, you will need the same internet to tell people your story. Who you are, what you do and the good stories about you. You can then use blogs, yellow pages and white pages listings, reviews online, and social networks to tell people what you want them to know about you.
  5. Check your privacy settings: In all your apps, networking sites, websites, blogs and so on online, review your privacy settings. Do not allow public access to all your information. You may sometimes voice out your opinion about a thing and your opinion sometimes may bring down your reputation, but if such is voiced out among family and friends, you may have little to nothing to worry about.
  6. Be cautious: Always take caution. Read people’s responses about you and comments they make. Always reply in a way to beef up your reputation. Have alerts online to signal you whenever anyone searches for or replies or uses your handle, username etc in comments and so on. Be on alert.

There is more to these, but I am sure this little piece will help you to understand how to manage your reputation.